• Somerset Badger Group – provide an advisory service as well as collecting records across the county.
  • Somerset Bat Group – conduct systematic surveys, raise awareness about bats and aid their conservation.
  • Somerset Otter Group – carry out regular recording in order to monitor Somerset’s otter population and aid conservation efforts.



  • Mammal Society – promote the study and conservation of all British mammals, including coordinating national surveys.
  • Bat Conservation Trust – work to conserve bats and their habitats in the UK, and acts as an umbrella organisation for the network of local bat groups.
  • Hare Preservation Trust – support the conservation and monitoring of brown, mountain and Irish hares.
  • People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) – provide support for conservationists and coordinate national surveys.
  • Vincent Wildlife Trust – an independent charity engaged in research and conservation of mammals in Britain and Ireland.